Customer Testimonials


  • I can’t walk or stand for long time and easily feel tired and fatigue. I can’t join certain family activities because of this issue. I love Soy-Lite Collagen so much, it is been 5 months I consume this delicious soy drink. I have no more knee pain, have better stamina. Not only my overall health improved, I have thicker and fairer skin now. Beauty and health drink all in one Love it!!

    Aini/ 55 years old
  • Soy-Lite Collagen is all I needed for my health and beauty care. Actually I never see any product with such similar benefit. Soy-Lite Collagen makes me feel energetic, stronger joints and bones. My skin texture improved as my skin is fairer and more radiant now. Definitely beauty starts from the inside.

    Aminah/ 50 years old
  • Soy-Lite Collagen not only tastes good, good for your health and beauty, it actually make me feel younger. I usually don’t like to take pills or health supplement, but Soy-Lite Collagen is like just another breakfast soy drink. My skin are more radiant, fell more energetic and my joint pain problem almost gone now! Thank you Soy-Lite!
    Aslimah/ 60 years old
  • I feel energised, more active now. Thanks to Soy-Lite Collagen. Not only I have less joint problem now, I feel wonderful about myself! I am in love with the taste too, it is my favourite beverage now and I am looking forward to it every day!

    Ann/ 50 years old
  • Soy-Lite Collagen definitely not the commercial soy, it works better than that! I used to always feel tied and lazy, also suffered from joint pain. I drink Soy-Lite Collagen every morning and night for 3 months, I realised my joint is more flexible and less painful. It makes me feel lighter and energised. I am not complaining for unknown tiredness now! Thank you!

    Cik Ani/ 64 years old
  • I tried different type of gastric medicine from pharmacy, but of it can only temporary ease my stomach pain and discomfort. This is my third week consume Soy-Lite Probiotic and I am feeling better than I ever felt before. I used to felt bloating after meals and have occasionally gastric problem. It was so pain that I feel like crying every time the symptoms hit me.  I am currently on week three, and have progressively been getting better with each day-with only some bloating the first several days. Now, all the symptoms seem like disappeared and I can enjoy my food better less worry about after meal discomfort.

    Anna/ 25 years old
  • Facing the same problem with thousands people who try slim down, I found that tummy was the most difficult part to slim down. I have constipation problem, bloating issue, even high fibre diet have limited result for me. After I take Soy-Lite Probiotic, my constipation problems relieve. I even have better weight lose result when I consume Soy-Lite Probiotic with Soy-Lite Trim! Total 3 inch reduced in waist line within 4 weeks!

    Jack/ 35 years old
  • Soy-Lite Probiotic works wonder for me and my daughter. We both consumed Soy-Lite Probiotic. I have less heartburn at night while my daughter who has sensitive stomach seem to have less stomach complains.

    Hui Leng/ 30 years old
  • I am a soy milk’s lover, it taste good and good for your health. I never know soy can do so much for my health until I met Soy-Lite 4 months ago. I feel more energetic to cope with tasks and challenges in life. My cholesterol level drop and I have no more knee pain! Thank you Soy-Lite.

    Zai/ 55 years old
  • I loss 2 kg after 1 month drinking Soy-Lite Trim! Most importantly I feel healthier and more energetic. I have smaller waistline now and I definitely feel prettier and more confidence now! Love Soy-Lite!

    Lin/ 57 years old
  • I was told that Soy-Lite Trim not only aimed to help me loss weight, drop waistline but also fitter body. I lost 3 kg within 3 weeks, from 95 to 92 kg. There is no side effect so far, on the other hand I feel more energised and feel lighter now! I am really looking forward how this product will do for me in the long run.

    Bala/ 55 years old
  • Soy-Lite Collagen not only works for your beauty, it is for your health too. Not only better skin complexion, I wouldn’t fell tired and fatigue easily now. I can tell the overall health condition improved, I have stronger bone, knee and joints as well.

    Aminah/ 50 years old
  • I have bad eating habits, always overeating, craving for sugar and carbs. After 1  month drinking Soy-Lite Trim I feel more energetic, better control of my eating habits, no more constant food craving. I have more toned body , I can feel that my clothes and pants are looser now. I love the taste of this shaker too, so pure and creamy. I am so addicted to Soy-Lite Trim now!

    Asiah/ 55 years old
  • I bought Soy-Lite Original one month ago. Drink it with empty stomach in the morning, it taste good thou. I feel more comfortable with better stamina and also more radiant and brighter skin tone! I am going to buy a box again!

    Salibiah/ 56 years old
  • I constantly feel low in energy although I get more than enough sleep and rest. I also feel weak in my knee and joint, my mobility was decreasing especially climbing a staircase or bending my knee. Omega 3 really changes my life completely. I have no more joint pain and now I can take part in more outdoor activities and enjoy life.

    Krishnan/ 52 years old
  • One month ago, I weighted 78kg and bad eating habits, always snacking on unhealthy food. Then, I tried Soy-Lite Trim wishing for a healthier version of me. I took Soy-Lite as meal replacement for breakfast and without ant crash dieting, I dropped 3 kg naturally. Of course I feel healthier now; I have less craving for junk food. I will continue my healthy diet practice from now on. Thank you Soy-Lite!

    Ativa/ 53 years old
  • Now the new super food for me, my cholesterol level dropped, it stabilised my blood pressure too. Because of the detoxification process I feel more focused and energised now! I am addicted to Soy-Lite Original already, it works!

    Najib/ 42 years old
  • I drink soy since I was young but this Soy-Lite Collagen works differently from ordinary soy. I drink Soy-Lite Collagen for 2 month now and my joint problem improved. Not only I feel prettier and healthier now, I can walk without a walking stick now.

    Rohani/ 57 years old
  • I am not only happy with the effectiveness of Soy-Lite Collagen. In fact, I am impressed. I used to have dull skin, joint problem, and high blood pressure. Soy-Lite Collagen really works and fulfil the promise for health from the inside m beauty on the outside. First of all, my skin fell smoother and more radiant. It relieved my joint discomfort and elbow pain, and lastly, it stabilised my blood pressure level. There is no need to keep worrying for my high blood pressure anymore.

    Ann Suria/ 52 years old
  • My joint stiffness and discomfort especially in my knees has caused me a lot of inconvenient. I can’t walk too far or too fast or I will feel pain in my joint. My body always feel weak and fatigue. I decided to try Soy-Lite Collagen to improve my health conditions. After one month consumption, I already can feel the difference. My skin is more radiant and fair now. I lose some weight and my knee is getting stronger, lighter now! 

    Hasnah/ 65 years old
  • At first, I thought this is just another beauty supplement with the benefit of fish collagen. It was out of my expectation that Soy-Lite Collagen not only makes my skin firmer and reduced my under-eye bag. Soy-Lite Collagen actually increase my energy level and improved my eye vision as I have better eye sight now! I really love this product! 

    Suraton/ 58 years old
  • “I am overweight at 80kg, and I know I must do something to lose some weight because it starts affecting my health condition. I am lack of stamina and have high blood pressure and high cholesterol too. I decided to try Soy-Lite Trim. I understand that it is made by natural ingredients, and it is exactly what I want for natural slimming. I had Soy-Lite Trim as breakfast for three weeks and I already dropped 2 kg without any crash dieting. Other than this, I found myself have more energy level, reduced blood pressure and cholesterol level. I will definitely continue to take Soy-Lite Trim.” 

    Rajan/ 40 years old