Customer Testimonials


  • My skin was easily irritated. It always showed redness, pimples and acne. I was sad and low confidence due to my bad and rough skin condition. I tried many different products over counter or on the shelf but no one seem to give a long term solution for my skin. I used Clearogen for one month now, it was so much better on my skin condition. My skin is more radiant, less irritated and have clearer skin now. Will continues to use Clearogen, I am hoping this product will bring me an acne free skin.

    Siti Norhanis/ 21 years old
  • My son has oily skin type and there were pimples over his cheek and forehead. I bought my son a set of Clearogen and after 2 month of daily application. His face has less popped up and less oily too. It is easy to use, only one application per day, he is satisfied with the result.

    Yati' son/ 17 years old
  • I have pimple and acne problem. My mum bought me Clearogen few months ago and I decided to give it a try. I never give high expectation to the product thus, when I see that there are fewer breakouts day by day. It really surprised me. My skin condition improved, more radiant, softer and it also hydrated my dry skin type too!

    Sapiah/ 21 years old
  • My son is 22 years old and he suffered from serious pimples and acne on the face. It was red popup and scars on his face. He has very oily skin, and easily irritated skin. He tried several skin cares for acne skin but no one have come with a long term solution. 4 month later of daily usage of Clearogen, his acne skin improved, less oily skin and have more radiant and glowing skin now! I am grateful to meet Clearogen and hope this product will give my son a acne free skin eventually, 

    Ramlah/ 51 years old
  • I have very oily skin and acne problem. These are really irritating me to have acne problem at this age. Knowing that acne skin not only appear on teenage skin, I decided to give Clearogen a try. Just after one month usage, I found my skin is calmer now, less pimples on my skin. My skin condition improved and lighter brown spot too! Love this products and will continue to use it hoping that it can really solve my skin problem in the long run.

    Normah/ 57 years old
  • I have rough skin, there was blackheads, redness and was constantly shiny. It is just two weeks since I use Clearogen Acne treatment set, I already saw the improvement on my skin.  I have less blackheads, less oily skin and irritation on my skin reduced! Hope this skin care will makes my skin even better in the future!

    Fadilah/ 19 years old
  • This acne treatment is really fantastic I have dealt with acne for years now and tried all kind of products. This dermatologist formulated products did amazing on my face. I have oily skin and irritated acne prone skin. With Clearogen,  I have the breakout , and redness on my skin reduced. Its effectively calmed my skin, my skin texture improved. My face definitely looks more radiant as compares as before! Thanks to Clearogen!

    Nur Amina 17/ 17 years old
  • I have big and swollen pimples all over my face and I was sad because of my skin condition. I have oily skin type and irritated skin, too. My mum bought me Clearogen 3 months ago; in fact I wasn’t giving much hope to this product. However out of my expectation, after 3 months daily usage my skin become smoother and less oily. Acne and pimple reduced it is almost acne free now! I am so excited to share this product as I can finally be confidence in my own skin!

    Noramaliana/ 18 years old
  • My skin condition was really bad back then. There were red spots over my cheek. Acne scars were another issue that driving me crazy and I am looking for a solution that can permanently solve my skin problem.  I decided to give Clearogen Ance treatment a chance. Just two weeks usage, I can see the difference already. My skin become more radiant and softer, scars are lighter now. I am happy with the result so far and will continue to use Clearogen.

    Fadilah/ 18 years old
  • “Oily skin, acne, scars, large pores… all these skin problems have been following me for years, and no skin care product can really solve my problem in the long run. Then I found Clearogen, I heard that this is a renowned brand in USA and now my skin condition did improved. The pimples on my face reduced, it also lighten the acne marks and scars! I really like this product and hope this product will work to cure my skin problem permanently. ”

    Zeleila/ 42 years old
  • "Clearogen make my skin smoother and helps to tone down my pimples gradually. I very safistied with the product! "

    Shreya/ 25 years old
  • "My son faces was oily, always used to get oily and pimples. After using Clearogen, his face pimples and oil level reduced. His face is now clear and brighter than before! " 

    Malliga/ 37 years old
  • "I've pimples all over my cheeks and neck. I lost my confident with blackhead/mark surrounded my oily face. After using Clearogen for approximately 2 weeks, pimple prominently subsided from cheek and neck. I'm very satisfied with Clearogen! "

    Miran Khan/ 24 years old