Customer Testimonials


  • Hair loss problem at my age was saddening and embarrassing. There were bald patches on my scalp. I saw an advertisement on newspaper claiming that Revivogen is an all-natural, safe and effective ingredients used. It’s my 7th month using Revivogen. I am thankful that my hair regrows on my bald patches. No more hair loss!

    Shikin/ 25 years old
  • I receding hair line and hair loss problem. My scalp gets irritated easily when I use shampoo or hair products that never suit me. Revivogen seem don’t have the issue, it never irritate my scalp and actually my scalp feel refresh and comfortable. I hair looks thicker now. 

    Hairun/ 65 years old
  • I have no confidence with my hair. Every day was like a bad hair day for me, I have itchy scalp, serious hair drop and also dandruff problem. Revivogen works magically for me. In just 3 months, my scalp no longer itchy, less hair drops and solves my dandruff completely. I love Revivogen Hair Loss Treatment Set. Good product that worth to invest in.

    Akmal/ 40 years old
  • My hair starts to drop and thinning since early this year.  Revivogen works like a miracle; I never expect I can ever reverse a genetic hair loss in my family. After 3 months usage, my hair loss reduced, hair looks thicker now. Other than that, it makes my scalp feel more comfortable and less irritation. Revivogen Hair Loss treatment set worth the price!

    Julia Johari/ 43 years old
  • I have receding hair line, and also overall thinning hair. I taught it was natural aging symptoms, until I found Revivogen. They told me hair loss is actually preventable and curable. I tried the 3 steps hair loss treatment although I skipped the hair conditioner sometime. It works as well! I have less hair fall, and there are new baby hair growing at the 3rd month. Thicker hair makes me looks younger. Good product worth to invest in, you just have to be patient.

    Santa Devi/ 68 years old
  • My daughter suffered from hair loss for quite some time. I heard some very good reviews about Revivogen I decided to buy one. After 3 months usage, her hair drop reduced, have less oily scalp and improved in dandruff problem! She love how it works for her hair.

    Marvaih/ 55 years old
  • Revivogen is really my hair saviour. I was suffered from serious hair fall 2 month back and I am so scared that I will go bald! My hair fall reduced now, scalp becomes healthier and less oily. I am so happy to have thicker looking hair now. 

    Rose/ 50 years old
  • My hair condition was really bad back then. I have hair loss problem, thinning hair and also dry scalp. I was introduced to Revivogen 4 month ago and I have no regret at all. By now, my hair drop reduced, have thicker hair growth and more comfortable and healthier scalp.

    Siva/ 56 years old
  • I have various hair problems: itchy scalp, hair falling down, and also embarrassing dandruff. I have been looking for solution for my hair problem and then I found Revivogen. Revivogen 3 step solution works wonder for me. My scalp is more comfortable now, hair falls reduced and dandruff issue almost gone! Thank you, Revivogen.
    Puteri/ 60 years old
  • I have serious hair fall, anyone can easily see my scalp and I am feeling low confidence because of it. I keep thinking like everyone are staring at my ugly hair. After one and a half month using Revivogen, I realised that my hair fall reduced, my scalp is not so oily like it used to be. I have thicker hair now. I have new hair growing now and I am so excited to see my new grown hair again!

    Rose/ 50 years old
  • My sensitive scalp is easily irritated and always feels itchy. What is worse my scalp problem comes along with hair falling issue. It really scares me when I see my hair thinning day by day. I feel helpless to my hair until I try Revivogen. My scalp feels fresh and comfortable now. Revivogen calm my scalp, the irritation feel on my scalp disappear! Most importantly, my hair loss reduced. Thanks to Revivogen , I am definitely continue to use this amazing product.

    Nor/ 50 years old
  • I was always sad and low self-confidence few months back due to my hair loss problem. I was so worried that I am losing my hair as my hair keep falling and hair getting thinner. Then, I decided to give Revivogen hair loss treatment a try. Revivogen hair loss program consists of three products, and after one month usage I saw the hair regrowth!! My hair is getting thicker now and hair fall reduced as I comb my hair. I am really satisfied and looking forward for more result of continuous usage. 

    Sabiah/ 55 years old
  • I have no doubt to the effectiveness of Revivogen hair loss treatment. I can really see the new hair regrowth! Thanks you!

    Velraj/ years old
  • “I am suffering from hair loss problem for quite some times, and I losing my self-confidence because of that. After one month usage of Revivogen hair loss solution system, I can tell that my hair loss reduce significantly, my hair become thicker now and it moisture my dry hair very well it became smoother! I love this product!”

    Kak Hamnah/ 52 years old
  • “Revivogen really work for my thinning hair and reduce my hair loss. I used to felt embarrassed because of my oily scalp. Thanks to Revivogen, I feel more confidence and younger with my new look now!”

    Luke/ 33 years old
  • "Revivogen really reduced my hair loss! after 4month using, I noticed all my new hair growing .I will continue using , made my hair thicker and healthier."

    Angie Lim/ 41 years old
  • "I having dandruff, itchy hair scalp and hair fall however, after 2 months with Revivogen, itchiness and hair scalp were gone. My hair look healthier and stronger than before"! 

    Malini/ 35 years old
  • "My hair is falling, tangles and was very dry looking, i've difficulty in combing my hair due to the split ends. After few weeks using of Revivogen,  my hair is so much easy to manage, the tangles and falling turns minor. Now, my hair is shiny and smoother looks without using any hair lotion"! 

    Chitra/ 30 years old
  • "There were lots of hair falling when combing and washing my hair. After 3 month with Revivogen, my hair loss is under control, hair become thicker and stronger. I'm very happy with the product! "

    Kanagevel/ 29 years old
  • "I used to have itchy scalp, hair loss and dandruff problems. After using Revivogen treatment set, all my problem have been solved. I very satisfied with Revivogen"! 

    Putri, Pasir Ris Dr/ 52 years old
  • "Revivogen has solved my hair problem. My hair is now look thicker, shiny and less falling. Thanks Revivogen!"

    Sulaiman Bin A. Hamid/ 54 years old
  • "You will never believe the effectiveness of Revivogen until you try"!!
    Letchimi/ 35 years old