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  • I have difficulties to wake up in the morning, always felt lazy to start my day. Also, I always felt bloated and discomfort in my stomach, it make me have low appetite to eat. After one year I take N2 Chlorella, all these symptoms were all gone. I feel more energised in the morning now and my digest system improved as well as my general wellbeing. My whole family love N2 Chlorella now.

    Bibi/ 61 years old
  • I was suffered from joint pain especially in my knee. I even felt difficult in walking one year ago. Then my family bought me a bottle of NutraJoint Gold 5 months ago, I have been consistently taking this supplement since then. I feel better while walking now, my knee mobility increased. The joint pain just disappeared. I will continue to take NutraJoint Gold as health maintenance.

    Rajendran/ 56 years old
  • I feel tired and exhausted every day after work. I have to intention for family bonding time just because I am too tired. This was my fourth month taking Omega 3 supplement. I have better stamina now and not so tired every day when I reach home. Thank you Herbal Pharm. 

    Mani/ 41 years old
  • My digestive system was weak. Constipation, bloated stomach, and gastric were common for me. N2 Chlorella really a super food for me and every one. This little green pills works wonder for my stomach health. I go toilet almost every day now and no more gastric pain so far since I took it 3 months ago.

    Jasmani Yusof/ 57 years old
  • I always look and feel tired. I am lazy to do anything after work. My body ache and tension was driving me crazy. I feel depressed because of my body condition. I have been consuming Active│Men for 6 months. I must say that I feel younger than before; I no longer suffer from body ache now! Thank you!

    Salleh/ 51 years old
  • I have overactive bladder and hence have frequent urinating. Meaning I need to go to toilet more than 8 times a day and I often can’t control the sudden urge to urinate. I find it frustrated until I try Bladder Support Formula one week ago. My symptoms actually reduced at the third day consuming Bladder Support, urinary more controllable.   

    Saleha/ 51 years old
  • I have muscle cramp and knee pain. After taking Omega 3 supplement, the discomfort in my knee and muscle relieved. I am taking this supplement for almost 2 years now, and I am happy that my memory also improved because I used to be very forgetful before this. I am very happy and satisfied with this product, it works for me and I am recommending it to friends and family.

    Benny/ 74 years old
  • I have high blood sugar level for years and this make me feel tired easily. I heard that Dia-Med is the best seller and star product in Herbal Pharm, and then I decided to give it a try. After 3 month consistently taking Dia-Med, I found that my blood sugar readings are more stabilized now. I am grateful that I make the right choice. I feel healthier and more active now.

    Mrs Vellasamy/ 58 years old
  • My job makes me feel tired and exhausted doing all the daily routine tasks. Body aching was getting worse now. Active│Men is really effective to reduce my tiredness and fatigue by naturally improved my stamina. I felt refresh with lesser body ache. 

    H. Hidaya/ 51 years old
  • N2 Chorella not only cures my constipation problem that has been my biggest digestion problem for years. I felt detoxed after one month taking N2 the super food. Now, my whole family are taking N2 and they all love it! 

    Saravanan/ 27 years old
  • I am happy that I found this product. My blood sugar level dropped within 2 months, I feel more energised than before because I was easily feeling tired. Thank you Dia-Med.

    Asmah/ 58 years old
  • I felt weak walking especially walking on staircase. There were pains around my knee. I hope to improve my flexibility get back to my normal condition again. Taking NutraJoint Gold for 2 months, I realised I can do more daily tasks easily now and can perform prayers without knee pain now.

    Omar/ 61 years old
  • Ageing doesn’t mean you will be blur or forgetful. Omega 3 supplement from Herbal Pharm is a good supplement for my brain and health. My memory improved and I have less body aching now after taking it just for 2 month. I will continue to take Omega 3!

    Zaharah/ 73 years old
  • Evening Primrose Oil from Herbal Pharm makes my skin tone fairer and more even. The pigmentation on my face are less obvious now. I used to have very dry skin and after I take the supplement for 2 months I feel that my overall skin texture improved and more moisture.

    Hjh Haznah/ 68 years old
  • My menses was irregular and my skin was dry most of the time until I try Evening Primrose Oil. This supplement is a natural remedy suitable for all women. My period become more stable and my skin feel moister and not so dry now. 
    Vnanam/ 42 years old
  • I have body ache problem. This problem make me feel lazy to do anything, all I want is just lay on the bed or sofa to rest. However, take more rest wouldn’t solve the problem. My wife bought me Active│Men 5 months ago. My body feel more energetic and I can spend more quality time with my wife now. This product is really good and definitely works for me.

    Sapar Bin Mahat/ 40 years old
  • I have high cholesterol and suffering from breathing difficulties. I am worried about my heart condition. Then, I understand from a specialist from Herbal Pharm than Omega fish oil is good for improving heart health.  I already taking this supplement for more than 8 months and it work beyond my expectation. My cholesterol is under control now and no more breathing difficulties. It is really that easy!

    Selvaraju/ 63 years old
  • This supplement was so effective, my cholesterol level and energy level improved. No wonder this product has been the best seller in Herbal Pharm for so many years! Thank you!

    Mary/ 30 years old
  • I used to suffer from unknown body pain and feel tired easily, felt exhausted when I reached home from work. I have been taking Active│Men for 3 months and I feel differently now. I feel more energised to perform in daily tasks. No more fatigue! I am happy that I made the right choice.

    Thaiasi/ 36 years old
  • After taking Dia-Med for 2 months, I already feel much better about my health. Dia-Med is the best supplement in helping me maintain my sugar level and cholesterol level. I am happily recommending this good stuff to more people!

    Ramlah Salam/ 66 years old
  • 3 months ago, there is always pain around my knee when I was sitting or bending my knee for prayer. Every prayer can be painful for me. Now, after few months taking NutraJoint Gold, I can tell than my knee and joints are stronger and better mobility. Finally I can perform prayer without knee problem.

    Ani Bte Urid/ 59 years old
  • Evening Primrose Oil cured my irregular menses issue, ended my PMS nightmare. Other than this, I found that my skin condition improved with less dry spot. Amazing supplement and I will continue to take this supplement. 

    Siti Faridah/ 53 years old
  • I start taking N2 Chlorella heard some very good reviews and recommendations from friends. Maybe it is because the detox abilities of N2 or it the nutrients dense content in it, I seldom feels lethargic now. My constipation issue improved, easier to pass motion. Already taking N2 for 2 years and I will still continue to support this wonderful product to maintain the good health.

    Fatimah/ 61 years old
  • I suffered from numbers of premenstrual symptoms and also dry skin. After taking Evening Primrose Oil, I realised that my skin is not so dry like before. It also relieved my menstrual cramps.

    Geetha/ 45 years old
  • I am always very busy with my work, and then I realised my body become weaker and weaker. Body aching is make me feel bad and exhausted. I bought Active│Men 3 months ago and my body feel stronger and energetic since then. I like the fact that it is all natural ingredients in it!

    Yusoff/ 51 years old
  • I always look unrest, and feel tired. My body ache and tension on my shoulder and back is getting worse. Active│Men is so effective, it boosts my energy level and stamina level naturally and I didn’t notice any side effect so far. I have no more body ache now. Thank you Active│Men. 

    Syed Mubarak/ 37 years old
  • Omega 3 provides tons of benefit in improving my general health. I can sleep better at night with no insomnia now.  My eye vision gets better too. It is like a multipurpose supplement for me!

    Teresa/ 73 years old
  • N2 Chlorella works wonder for me. I used to have nerve pain issue and digestion problem. I tried different ways to solve my digestion problem and N2 Chlorella seems like the best that I have ever tried. With other wide range of health benefits that it claims to bring, I would continue to take the supplement to keep myself healthy.

    Gopal/ 49 years old
  • I suffering for bladder issue for quite sometimes and always get discomfort in bladder. I have overactive bladder and have the urge to go very frequently. Tried Bladder Support Formula for 3 weeks now and the result is surprising me! I feel better with less pain in bladder and also better control the bladder now! No more countless trips to toilet!

    Ramesh/ 35 years old
  • I was diagnosed with diabetes at my thirties. This disease has been following me for 30 years, I had hard time to keep my blood sugar level stable. Then I was introduced to DIa-Med by a friend, I found that my sugar readings are more stabilised since then. Besides, it solved my constipation problem too. I think I am lucky to get to try Dia-Med, blood sugar control never been easier. I am kind a relief now, thank you.

    Hasnah/ 64 years old
  • I am not able to bend my knee properly and it tends to be very painful. Took NutraJoint Gold daily for almost 1 month already and I feel much better in my joint. No more discomfort in my joint. This product works wonder for me.

    Rahimah/ 60 years old
  • I never know that hormonal balance can have so much impact in my overall health including moods and skin condition. After taking Evening Primrose Oil for 2 months, my menses get more regular and my skin get healthier and radiant with fewer pimples popped out especially pre-menses period.

    Nina/ 18 years old
  • I always feel tired and lack of energy. I feel that my body is too weak at my age. I should have been more active. Then, I decided to try N2 Chlorella. I feel more energetic and refresh now. I love N2 so much; I think N2 really do the job to cleanse my body from toxic.

    Sarah/ 23 years old
  • There is no more lethargic for unknown reason. Omega 3 really works! It was my third month taking this supplement and my laziness was just varnished!  I am joining more activities with friends now!

    Hajah Eda/ 67 years old
  • My wife bought me a bottle of Active│Men 2 months ago. I don’t like to take supplement or any pills actually. But I must say that this product is what every man needed for better energy level and stamina. At least it works for me very well, in the natural way. I feel more energetic and relax now. I will continue to support this wonderful product.

    Kamis/ 53 years old
  • I have pain on the leg and knee also stiffness on the elbow. I hardly carry anything heavy nor walk for too long. NutraJoint Gold really saves my joint! I noticed my flexibility improved and less pain in my elbow or leg. Finally I can carry things without people assistance! 

    Ramaiya Raman/ 50 years old
  • I always feel tired and lack of energy to accomplish my tasks. Dragging myself to work every day with body pain wasn’t something enjoyable. Only after 2 months I taking Active│Men, I can tell that my stamina improved, with better energy level. Those back pain or muscle pain were almost gone! I am happy that I made the right choice! Good supplement for better vitality in men!

    Vengadesan/ 40 years old
  • Omega 3 helps me improved my memory, I have clearer mind now. Also, I have better energy, I won’t feel tired easily like before. Lovely Omega 3 fish oil supplement.

    Hasinah Bte Sultan/ 45 years old
  • I have high blood sugar level and also constipation problem. Dia-Med solved both of my biggest health concern! I no need to worry about the rising sugar level now! Thank you.

    Grace/ 47 years old
  • I need to go to toilet very often because I have difficulties control my bladder. After 2 weeks consuming Bladder Support Formula I found that my bladder symptoms reduced. I feel so much better and comfortable when attending various social events. 
    Mohd Ali/ 45 years old
  • I have weak joints. I can’t stand up without assistance from people after sitting for long hours. There are always pains in my leg. As we age we need more nutritional support for our health, NutraJoint Gold is the best choice for me. Now, I can stand up easily from the seat with lesser pain and suffers in my leg. I like this supplement so much.

    Hajah Razjah/ 70 years old
  • My skin tends to get itchy when sweating, and also random skin irritation happened. After taking Evening Primrose Oil for 4 month, I realised that my skin texture and skin toned are move even and improved. I have healthier skin now because of this wonderful supplement.

    Saidah/ 62 years old
  •  I have bad digestive system. I have constipation and also bloated stomach due to indigestion. After taking N2 for 3 months, I have better digestive system. I feel detoxed. Never feel more fresh and energetic before. A super green food everyone needed in this climate.

    Hajah Beah/ 71 years old
  • Evening Primrose Oil is the solution for my current biggest health and beauty concern. My skin becomes smother and no more menstrual cramps or PMS.  After start taking EPO supplement from Herbal Pharm, the monthly period never been an issue anymore!

    Yuga/ 26 years old
  • I always look restless and lack of energy. I needed an energy boost but only in the natural way. Active│Men only contain natural herbal for men’s health. That’s exactly what I am looking for. I feel energetic and refresh now. Love this supplement specially formulated for men.

    Rajab/ 60 years old
  • I have difficulties in walking and unknown body aching. After 6 months consistency of taking Omega 3 fish oil from Herbal Pharm, I can walk better now without any body ache. I feel younger now!

    Nageswary/ 58 years old
  • One of my friends introduced me Dia-Med for my blood sugar control. I was having high blood sugar reading and I am worried the risk of heart disease. It was already one year I took Dia-Med and I am really happy with the results. My blood sugar reading much stable now and have better heart health! Totally love Dia-Med and already introduced it to all my friends.

    Mumtaz Bee/ 56 years old
  • I have poor digest system and high sugar level. After 3 months consumption of Dia-Med I feel the differences. I have better bowel movement and most importantly my sugar level went down. I feel healthier now and I am very happy with this product!

    Rahmah/ 60 years old
  • Pain in joint is really not necessary part of the aging process. With right supplement you can have your happy life again. I am so grateful that I meet Omega 3. I have no more joint pain and blood pressure level was in control. Thank you Herbal Pharm for bringing in such a wonderful product.

    Rafiah/ 63 years old
  • Pain in joint is really not necessary part of the aging process. With right supplement you can have your happy life again. I am so grateful that I meet Omega 3. I have no more joint pain and blood pressure level was in control. Thank you Herbal Pharm for bringing in such a wonderful product.

    Mak Gayah/ 69 years old
  • Evening Primrose Oil from Herbal Pharm really works wonder for me. I used to have very dry and itchy skin, suffered from PMS, too. This supplement moisture my skin it appears to be smoother than before. Most importantly, it soothes my PMS. I feel more comfortable and beautiful now.

    Saras/ 50 years old
  • I was easily get tired and always lacks if energy to do heavy duties which used to be a pieces of cake for me. I heard that Active│Men is made of natural herbs formula, it’s been almost one year since I take this supplement. I don’t feel tired easily, more energetic and better stamina now. I am very satisfied with Active│Men.

    Mohd Shariff/ 40 years old
  • I work in hospital and my job required me to walk and stand for longest hours. I always feel exhausted every day after work. After one month consuming Omega 3 DHA & EPA, I feel better to work and rushing here and there in the hospital. 

    Ratha/ 53 years old
  • No wonder this is the star product of Herbal Pharm. I have been taking Dia-Med for few month, my blood glucose level stabilised and improvement in digestive system. No more tiredness early on the morning! I am very satisfy with this 5 star product!

    Rama/ 45 years old
  • I have high blood sugar level but control my heavy diet is been a extremely hard for me. I can’t seem to able to control my eating habit and always feel lazy. After I try Dia-Med 4 month ago I appear to have healthier diet and craving for junk food and snack reduced.  I feel lighter now!
    Aminah/ 40 years old
  • I felt weak, restricted mobility and pain around knee and joints. Once, my son bought me a bottle of NutraJoint Gold and I am very happy with the effectiveness of this product in reducing my knee pain. After 7 month taking this health supplement, I can finally do my daily routine easily, I can perform my daily prayer without suffered the pain in knee.

    Rukiah/ 73 years old
  • I used to suffer for several unknown body pain and tend to be very forgetful, I thought I was a natural part of aging process. However, Omega 3 fish oil really helps a lot in improve my health. I have less body aching now and more alert now.

    Hj Senin/ 75 years old
  • I have very bad and itchy skin condition. Eczema, dry and rough skin on my hands.  Evening Primrose Oil is so effective, my skin feel more moist now and eczema for years relived too! I have softer and smother skin now.

    Shanta/ 56 years old
  • I am a horse keeper and dealing with house can be energy consuming. I feel less active recently and feel tired easily. I tried Active│Men 2 weeks ago and I can tell the difference already. I feel more refresh and energetic now. Thanks to Active│Men, and I will continue to take this supplement.

    Kamis/ 53 years old
  • I felt exhausted after work and have no more energy for family bonding time when I reach home. I have to make some changes to it. After I take Active│Men, my health conditions improved and less muscle pain occurred. I am happy that how this supplement improve my health and also I have more time for my family now!

    Kalajarasan/ 45 years old
  • I am diagnosed with high cholesterol level and then I fund Dia-Med hoping that it can improve my health. It’s been two years I am still eating Dia-Med. My cholesterol level is well under control, and another plus point to DIa-Med it improved my bowel movement and digestive system.

    Gopinath/ 50 years old
  • Dia-Med effectively stabilised my sugar level and I lose weight naturally! Love it!

    Siti Aishah/ 60 years old
  • I am so grateful for how NutraJoint Gold changes my life. The pain in my joint reduced and finally I able to climb up staircase without hassle, by myself! Thank you!

    Sulaiha/ 42 years old
  • I get sad and angry easily for no reason and I really can’t stand with the mood swing. EPO really good in  control and stabilised my mood. On top of that, my skin condition improved. It is more moist now.

    Esa/ 80 years old
  • I have very dry skin and also menstrual cramps every month. I am really frustrated to find a way to cure this. After 3 month I took this supplement, I my skin appear to be smoother than before. Soothed PMS, and no more menstrual discomfort! I will keep buying Evening Primrose Oil for me and my family, too!

    Priva/ 32 years old
  • Active│Men is really a good product. I feel more energetic and no more body ache. I feel young again! 
    Rahmad/ 54 years old
  • Omega 3 is a good supplement for everyone. I used to have very weak heart beat that makes me easily feel tired after long working hours. I have been taking this supplement continuously for 6 month, I still fresh even after work! Will recommend this to people around me!

    Rekha Shan/ 27 years old
  • I used to feel giddy in the morning and I think it might be related to my high blood sugar reading. I heard Dia-Med is a best-selling in Herbal Pharm and is a natural supplement. I decided to give it a try and now, after 8 month taking Dia-Me my blood sugar reading dropped and improved digestive system. The giddiness in the morning disappears! Thank you Dia-Med!

    Raju/ 64 years old
  • I have difficulties to focus at work or just any task. I feel lack of energy and always feel lazy although I took more than enough rest. Active │Men works for me. I have no doubt to this product. I feel more energetic and have healthier lifestyle now!

    Rajendran Pillai/ 56 years old
  •  My blood sugar reading was really bad and I get tires easily. Introduced to Dia-Med by a friend and I feel more energetic now. I am really happy finally my blood sugar reading is under control now.

    Sarimah/ 51 years old
  •  My family have history of arthritis and every time climbing a staircase was a nightmare for me. I even have trouble bending my knee down while doing prayer. NutraJoint Gold works for my joint issue. Now, I have no problem walking on staircase and bending my knee is easy as I was last time!

    Jaafar/ 62 years old
  • I have body ache in my shoulder, arms, back and more. Always feel tired and lack of energy to take part in any activities in life. My social life was affected and I know I need to do something about my health. After taking Omega fish oil for 4 month, I feel better with my body ache problem and always feel charged to cope with different activities in life.

    Aminah/ 40 years old
  • I feel weak and tend to get sick easily. My always feel discomfort in stomach due to irregular bowel movement. After 2 month taking N2, my body feel much lighter and improved in digestive system. The detoxification power of N2 really amazed me. 

    Jamaliah/ 55 years old
  • EPO has been well known for its benefit for various skin conditions. I start taking EPO two month ago and hoping it can solve my skin condition such as dryness and roughness in the skin. Now, eczema in my skin relief and my skin is more moist and smooth now.

    Saidah/ 63 years old
  • Evevning Primrose Oil works for me in both mentally and also beauty. It was a relief for my monthly mood swing and breakout during the period of my menstrual cycle also reduced. I will continue to take this wonderful health supplement. 

    Devi/ 23 years old
  • This supplement not only improves my health it change my life too. I am more active and better energy level to cope with different task and also time for family bonding. Amazing product, Active│Men.

    Hj Sulaiman/ 76 years old
  • Chlorella is not a new term for me, heard about it quite a few times from friends and families on how well is this things do for them and brought them healthier body. My energy level was low and weak health condition. Then I decided to try N2 Chlorella hoping it can improve my health. I can feel the difference just after 3 months. I am more active now and able to take part in different activities with my friends and family. Definitely a great product worth invest!

    Letchimi/ 56 years old
  • I have high sugar level and my doctor want me to lose weight to better control my health. My family were so worried about me then I bought Dia-Med as I heard that this supplement is good for blood sugar control. It’s been 8th month I consume Dia-Med and I would say th result was really good. Finally I have my weight and blood sugar level under control.

    Radiah/ 50 years old
  • I work in airport and my job required me to stand and walk for long hours and the stiffness in my joint was getting worse. Came across with NutraJoint Gold from Herbal Pharm and I bought one. I feel more comfortable when walking around and flexibility improved too!

    Fauziah/ 44 years old
  • I have weak digestive system and have difficulties in pass motion. Furthermore I easily feel tired and fatigue. This is my 4th month eating N2 Chlorella, and I’ve been having it almost every day. N2 Chlorella really a superfood for everyone. My constipation problem improved and I am more active now! Thank you so much and I am really grateful for this!

    Jumariah/ 63 years old
  • I feel lazy to do anything or go any outdoor activities and was suffered from body aching. Then I have Omega 3 as health supplement from my wife. This supplement works amazingly. It helps to improve my health, I feel more energetic now and no more body ache!

    Ahmat/ 73 years old
  • I have hair problem, thinning hair, hair falling and patches in the fringe. This issue really makes me looks at least 5 years older. I was looking for something can solve my hair problem and also gentle to my scalp. Revivogen have everything I want. Its gently cleanses my hair, promote thicker looking hair, I have no more hair fall and most importantly I have new hair regrowth on the patches! I am so happy and grateful about it!

    Julia Johari/ 43 years old
  • After 7 months of consistency taking omega 3 supplement, it solve my menstrual discomforts. I have better memory and more alert now!

    Meena/ 35 years old
  • No wonder chlorella was so popular as a health supplement. I was easily felt tired and often feel belatedness in the stomach due to indigestion. I took the supplement every day for 3 month, my energy level increased and better digest system. Thanks to N2 Chlorella.

    Guru/ 50 years old
  •  I have backache problem and this make me constantly feel tired and lack of energy. My wife bought me 1 bottle Active l Men3 months ago and I feel more relax on my back. No more lower back pain!

    Arjun/ 35 years old
  • My cholesterol reading was high, and also have bowel movement problem. I often have constipation issue. Dia-Med not only works to control my cholesterol level, my colon and bowel movement improved so much! Quality product worth investing!

    Rosey/ 50 years old
  • I need to stand for long hours due to my work nature, and this makes my joint feel stiff especially at night. A friend suggested me to take NutraJoint Gold to support my joint health. Now my leg feel more comfortable and more flexibility while walking. I am happy with the result so far. Good product from Herbal Pharm. 

    Wana/ 25 years old
  • It is hard to believe but this little green supplement change my way of living. I get fever very frequently and bounded with wheelchair for almost 3 years. It is 8th month I take N2 Chlorella. Now, I able to walk slowly without assistant and my overall health improved. Less frequent fever! 

    Hajah Salbiah/ 76 years old
  • My mood swing was terrible, especially pre menses period. I felt tension and stressful easily. After I take Evening Primrose Oil for 3 month, my mood is more stabilised and better skin condition. I have fewer breakouts on my face now! Amazing supplement!

    Jeva/ 58 years old
  • I always feel lack of energy in my leg, not able to walk for long and feel exhausted if walk for long hours. Omega 3 is really an effective product. I have no more leg pain, and can walk for longer time! 

    Lakshmi/ 71 years old
  • I have high sugar reading and one of the common symptoms is easily feel tired even early in the morning. I want my energy back so that I can take part in more daily activities. Dia-Med makes my wishes come true. My sugar level is stabilised now and wouldn’t feel tire easily now! Thank for bringing in such a wonderful product!

    Mariappan/ 50 years old
  • I have frequent body ache and tension over my shoulder and back. Tried different types of cream, ointment or patches, none of them can really solve my problem. Then I decided to try Active│Men. After 6 months now, I can tell my energy level went up, more stamina and less body pain. I feel more comfortable and no more exhausted after work.

    Moorthy/ 50 years old
  • I rarely practise healthy lifestyle and there was too much toxin in my body as I always feel tired for no reason. Tried N2 Chlorella for 2 weeks already and I realised I wouldn’t feel tire easily now.

    Kala/ 32 years old
  • My friend recommended me Dia-Med saying that this supplement will improve my current health condition. I have high cholesterol level and feeling weak constantly. 

    Hjh Maimunah/ 74 years old
  • I always feel weak and pain around knee area. This problem restricted my mobility. Been taking NutraJoint Gold for 2 years already and I can do daily routine easily and perform prayers without hurting my knee! Thank you so much.

    Zainon/ 50 years old
  • I always feel weak and have joint problem. After taking Omega 3 for 5 month there is improvement in the respiratory system. I feel more energetic to take part in more activities now.

    Mina/ 76 years old
  • I used to have constipation problem and insomnia too. I can’t sleep well in the night make me feel lack of energy and feel sleepy during day time. I have been taking N2 Chlorella for 3 month now. My digest system improves and finally can sleep better at night!

    Hjh Hamidah/ 63 years old
  • My long working hour is exhausting. I feel lazy to do anything every day after work. After I try Active│Men my body feel more energetic and I am now more active to take part in other family activities. 

    Yembanan/ 60 years old
  • I was diagnosed with high sugar level and high blood pressure after I gave birth. Knowing this is Herbal Pharm all-time best seller, and 100 % natural ingredients, I decided to give it a try. After 7 months consumption, this product never disappoints me. I am glad my blood sugar level reduced and blood pressure was under control.

    Diana/ 33 years old
  • I have difficulties even while I am walking; I feel pain in my joint and suffered from body pain. My daily activities were largely affected until I found NutraJoint Gold. NutraJoint Gold had my joint problem almost cured, I have no more difficulties while walking now, and I feel better and healthier now. 

    Reka Ibrahim/ 61 years old
  • Before I take Activel Men, I always feel and look tired even thought I already get enough sleep and rest. I have very frequent body ache and tension.  I have been taking Activel Men for 4 months, the result was great! I feel more energetic now as my body ache at my back and shoulder improved so much it makes me feel younger.

    Bujang/ 62 years old
  • Fish oil really does wonder no matter for beauty or health purpose, most importantly, in an inexpensive way. I can feel the improvement in texture and appearance of my face, it feel hydrated and smooth. I used to have problem in my joint and now, I can walk without assistance of other!  The benefits of Omega 3 DHA & EPA bring to me still growing.  Already taking this for 10 months and will continue to take this superb product

    Susie/ 40 years old
  • I have heard some good reviews for DIa-Med. I bought this product 6 months ago hoping it can improve my health condition as I always feel tired, body aching and high cholesterol level. Now, the body ache problem resolved, I feel more energised and most importantly, my cholesterol level is more stabilised! Sometimes, you just have to try it to believe it. Thank you Herbal Pharm for such a great product.

    Siti Atiqah/ 60 years old
  • It’s been years since teen age, I suffered for menstrual cramps and PMS. I tried Evening Primrose Oil from Herbal Pharm since 3 months ago and I am surprised how this little soft gel works for me. It was such a relief that the monthly discomfort that have been following me for years reduced. Other than this, it never crosses my mind before that a health supplement can improve my skin complexion. It moist my dry skin and my skin appear to be smoother now! 

    Nisahnthini/ 32 years old
  • I start consuming N2 Chlorella around one month ago and this powerful little plant really works to improve my health. I had constipation problem for quite some time and have hypertension issue, too. N2 Chlorella not only cures my constipation problem, I had better digestive system. Other than this, my blood pressure stabilised and I am really happy for these changes.

    Tamil Selva/ 30 years old
  • I have high blood sugar level and I need to be very careful with my daily diet. I also have poor digestion and often lead to stomach discomfort. I have been consumed Dia-Med for more than 4 months. My blood glucose level reduced and I have better digestion. 

    Stella/ 52 years old
  • My general health condition did improved compared with last year. Almost one year since I first time try Omega 3 Fish Oil from Herbal Pharm. My joint health improved, the pain in my knee reduced. I also have clearer eye vision now! I really love this product and will definitely continue to buy this amazing supplement.

    Yakob bin Masron/ 50 years old
  • Dia-Med is such a saver for me! I had been battling with high diabetes and was overweight. I know I must reduce my weight in order to improve my health. Dia-Med works very well to reduced my blood sugar level. I practised healthier diet and with the help of Dia-Med, I already lose 8kg within 18 months of consistency taking Dia-Med. Thanks to Dia-Med, I have healthier body now!

    Jamilah Idris/ 57 years old
  • I used to have quite a few premenstrual symptoms, especially on my face. As my skin condition will get very bad and there will be pimple popping out before my menstrual period. Apart from this, I was having very dry skin, on my arm and leg too. After taking Evening Primrose Oil soft gel from Herbal Pharm I can see the improvement in skin texture. I have more radiant skin on my skin even during pre-menstrual period and my overall skin feel more moist and healthier.

    Anna/ 37 years old
  • I always feel lack of energy and lazy to wake up in the morning. One year ago, I made a decision to try Omega 3 and now I feel much better. I have no more moods swing and stress level reduced. I feel more comfortable and energetic to embrace different activities and demands in life! Thank you so much Herbal Pharm and Omega 3!

    Janani/ 27 years old
  • Just took this supplement for 2 weeks and I would say this product really works! I used to suffered from body ache and felt fatigue. Now, my body ache problem solved and I can tell that my energy level is improving! I love Activel Men , looking forward to see how this product improve my health condition more!

    Kesan/ 32 years old
  • For my understanding for Chlorella product, it will help for body detoxification. But my personal experience was more than that, not only my digestion system improved; it is easier to pass motion now, I also feel more energetic and fresh.  N2 Chorella really works well for me.

    Suah/ 70 years old
  • This product really amazed me with its ability to improve my dry skin and fix my PMS. I have no more menstrual cramps now! Evening Primrose Oil has become my favourite health supplement now!

    Meena/ 33 years old
  • Yes, I believe Dia-Med has helped me reduce my sugar count and cholesterol level. I have healthier stomach and digestion too! Thank you very much.

    Angel Thambia/ 62 years old
  • I am so thankful and feel lucky that I tried Omega 3 from Herbal Pharm. Back then, I always feel very tire no matter how much rest I took and I even have difficulties in walking. After 4 month of consistency consumption, I feel more energised now and able to walk without assistance!

    Sumathi/ 40 years old
  • I have mood swing problem, I can’t control it but feel really bad after that. I also feel very tire and last to wake up in the morning. Omega 3 works well for me, just one month after I took the supplement, I feel fresh and energised in the morning. Its improved my general health condition too! Thank you so much!

    Rini/ 30 years old
  • I believe Dia-Med has been working well for me. The bubbles in urine are much lesser and most importantly I have lower glucose reading! Dia-Med really works amazingly!

    Jamilah/ 63 years old
  • The bloated stomach due to indigestion was my biggest health concern. With N2 Chlorella, the problem I faced for years cured. I have healthy tummy now!!

    Rolivah/ 28 years old
  • I heard that Evening Primrose Oil supplement works wonder especially for women. I’ve been taking this supplement 4 months now, I feel healthier and energised for different challenges in life. Of course EPO help me achieve healthier and more glowing skin! I feel younger now!

    Salamah/ 50 years old
  • Not only my face, my overall skin condition get moister and smoother. I have no more menstrual discomfort and I can continue with my activities even during menstrual period! Evening Primrose Oil, works miracle for me.

    Vanaroja/ 35 years old
  • I am so impressed by how the humble fish oil can do for my health. My memory getting worse as I aged and also suffered from irregular heartbeat. I start worrying about my health condition and I decided to try Omega 3 DHA &EPA from Herbal Pharm. I don’t get tired easily now and my heart condition improved! Thank you Herbal Pharm.

    Pillay/ 50 years old
  • I had joint problem in my hand, knee and ankle the stiffness in those joint was terrible. Other than that I was suffered from poor and blurred vision. After taking Omega 3 DHA &EPA consistently for 2 months, my joint provides more flexibility and comfort. My vision improved and I feel better for my general health now. What an amazing yet inexpensive product, I’m happy I made the right decision.

    Rahmah/ 65 years old
  • “Before I take Dia-Med, I always feel tired and lack of energy. I have issue with my high blood sugar level, too, and this really worried me. Now, I feel healthier, more active and most importantly, my blood sugar level reduced! Thanks Dia-Med! ”

    Stella/ 59 years old
  • “I had problems with my stiff hands, knee and ankle for years. It was a surprise when I realised that my flexibility and mobility improved! On top of day, my eyesight improved and I have clearer vision. Amazing product that I will definitely buy Omega3  from Herbal Pharm again! ”

    Mohd Ali/ 66 years old
  • “Just 2 months of consuming Evening Primrose Oil from Herbal Pharm, I can feel the difference already. I used to have very dry skin and eczema on my skin, but now my skin is smoother and the eczema on my skin just disappeared!! ”

    Parameswary/ 62 years old
  • “Heard about Active Men on radio, and I am glad that I made the right decision. I am easily feel tired and body ach, but just after 3 months I take Active Men, I feel more energetic and body muscle pain had improved a lot! ”

    Zuhairi/ 39 years old
  • “I heard some very good reviews for N2 Chlorella, bought this product hoping it can improve my health condition as I am suffering from insomnia and irregular periods. After 2 months of taking N2 Chlorella I feel my overall health improved. I feel more energetic and focused. Best of all, I can finally sleep better at night. Thank you to N2 Chlorella!”

    Devi/ 46 years old
  • “I suffered for joint pain especially on my knee for years! Omega 3 is so effective, my joint mobility improved and I have cleared vision now!”

    Salmiah/ 63 years old
  • “Dia-Med help me to reduce weight in the natural way. I feel healthier now and am very happy that this product reduces my body aching problem!!”

    Johana/ 52 years old
  • “I experienced discomfort and menstrual cramps every month.  Evening Primrose Oil is so effective my skin feels more moisturised, menstrual cramps also improved a lot!”

    Meena/ 33 years old
  • “I always have problem wake up early in the morning looking fresh.  Instead I feel lazy and tired even though I have taken more than enough rest for the night. The worst part was, I had mood swing and feel stressed. I am sorry to say that my family members are the victim of my mood swing. After I took Omega3,  now I feel so much better to wake up in the morning, more energetic and comfortable as overall health improved.”

    Janani/ 27 years old
  • “I am quite happy with the result of Active Men so far. I can feel the difference already in two weeks. My energy level improved and body ache problem reduced!”

    Kesan/ 32 years old
  • “I am impressed how N2 Chlorella works for me! I have no more difficulties to sleep at night. Other than this, I used to suffer from dry stool and stomach discomfort. Now, it is easier to pass motion, I feel detoxed! ”

    Rita/ 56 years old
  • “N2 Chlorella really works for me! I used to have constipation problem and high blood pressure. After few months I took N2 Chlorella, it fixed my constipation and digestion problem, and my blood pressure stabilised now. I will definitely recommend this to my friends and family.”

    Poobalan/ 31 years old
  • “I was really impressed! Dia-Med has effectively control my blood sugar level  and improve my digestive system. I can finally enjoy food without any afterward discomfort. Thank you Dia-Med!”

    Stella/ 52 years old
  • “Omega 3 makes me feel young again! I used to feel tired easily and suffered for body aching. This can affect my daily life activity. After I tried Omega 3, I feel more energetic and fresh every day!”

    Kahtijah/ 56 years old
  • “I received some very good reviews from friend for Dia-Med. I have high sugar level and poor digestion, so, I decided to give it a try. I can feel the difference within 2 months! My blood sugar stabilised and improved my digestive system! Dia- Med is so natural and yet effective!”

    Seri/ 44 years old
  • “I always feel exhausted everyday after my work and suffered from body ache. After two weeks taking Active Men, I felt more energetic and body ache problem improved a lot! ”

    Rahim/ 58 years old
  • "N2 Chlorella brought my health back to usual. I very confident with the product! "
    Raj/ 39 years old
  • "I have severely constipation and both legs were energyless. After taking N2 , my constipation gone, and i getting healthier. I'm happy with the product! "

    Aminah Yahya/ 62 years old
  • "Tiredness, dry skin and fuzzy vision troubled my life. I become more energetic, active and youthful looking skin especially my vision has enhanced after consumed of N2Chlorella! "
    Susheela/ 57 years old
  • "Gardener job is tiring, i cant sleep easily despite of the tiredness. I felt the different after taking N2 Chlorella, constipation was solved. Thanks N2 Chlorella! "
    Nadaraja/ 64 years old
  • "My sleeping time was irregularly every night that caused my body weaker. After taking N2Chlorella, i become more lively, active especially my sleeping habit greatly improved! "
    Aton Bte Mohd Noh/ 46 years old
  • "This product is amazing. All my previous sicks such as stomach bloated, constipation and tiredness etc. was healed within a year. Thanks N2 Chlorella for bringing back my healthy life! "
    Hassan Nursi/ 62 years old
  • "I suffered constipation, high cholesterol and got tired easily. Moreover, i had leg pain,body ache and trouble in sleeping for quite a long time. After taking NChlorella for 4 months, cholesterol has been reduced and i feel much more better. Now, i can sleep well, digestion has improved and all the pain around my body is gone! " 
    Kannaya, Yishun/ 78 years old
  • "I used to feel my body very heavy, tired and have leg pain. After consuming N2 Chorella for almost 5 months, I can feel that my body is lighter, I am more active and no more leg pain! "
    Alimah/ 58 years old
  • "I have tried it for about 2 weeks and already felt the positive effects of it! Not only did it resolve my constipation problem, it also improved my complexion (less blemishes) and helped me slim down by 2kg in just 2 weeks! "

    Mary/ 32 years old
  • "My mum has been taking N2 chlorella for about 6 months. Her doctor was surprised to see her improvement in health. Has improved her diabetes and also her sleep! "
    Fatimah Said/ 34 years old
  • "I'm always feeling tired everytime I work. Since I work as a security guard my body needs alot of energy. After consuming N2 Chlorella I feel more energetic! "
    Devagi/ 51 years old
  • "I used to have sleeping problems, irregular periods and high cholestrol. After taking N2Chlorella for 2 months, I can sleep well and my period came regularly. Even my cholestrol has reduced slightly too. Very happy that I bought the product! "
    Nisa/ 48 years old
  • "My husband and I have been taking N2 Chlorella for a while now. Before I would have trouble with constipation and feel tired very easily. My husband is a very heavy smoker. Now, we both feel energetic. As a taxi driver my husband used to not be able to carry heavy bags, but after taking N2 Chlorella he has no trouble carrying bags, even from the airport! "
    Nooraini and husband/ years old
  • "No regrets at all! I see amazing results after consuming these little green tablets. N2 has given me a sharper mind, better sleep and my stomach is no longer bloated and my digestion has improved! "
    Ms Catherine Ng/ 36 years old
  • "I've been having some stomach problems, I tend to vomit a lot because of too much acid in my stomach. In the afternoon I would always feel tired and doze off regularly. After taking N2Chlorella for just one month I feel so much better! "
    Imah/ 33 years old
  • "I used to feel very weak and tend to get tired easily. After consuming N2 Chlorella, I feel energised and have better digestion and bowel health! "
    Zainon Bte Ali/ 65 years old
  • "Used to have constipation and will only clear my owel 2-3 days once. After taking the N2Chlorella, I do not have constipation. I also do not have the urge to snack like I used to! "
    Fiza/ 35 years old
  • " I have tried and tested many detox formulas but this, I feel, is the most effective.I can see and feel the results everytime I take the pills. I feel more energetic and cleansed. I would recommend this to everyone I come across! "
    Jason See Kwai Leong/ years old
  • "Nutrajoint active my day. I could bend down and walk longer distance after using Nutrajoint! "
    Suchot/ 63 years old
  • "My husband couldn't bend her knee and have difficulty in walking. After 6 months continously using of NutraJoint, all the ache from her body miraculous gone! "

    Napsiah/ 67 years old
  • "I suffered joint paint all over the body, i've difficulty for praying in mosque. After 3 months consumed of NutraJoint, joint pain is much more lesser.  Thanks NutraJoint! "
    Zaibadah Bee/ 73 years old
  • "Joints all over my body is painful, I've difficulty in praying while in the mosque. At the same time, climbing stair is torturing me. Joints over the body was healed after taking NutraJoint for just couple months. My joints are now more flexible, I'm no longer worries of praying or climbing stair! "
    Saonah Bte Kasitan/ 68 years old
  • "My knee pain followed me for several years. However, after consumed Nutrajoint for couple months, i can walk more than a miles without any tiredness! "
    Busra Bin Marzuki/ 63 years old
  • "I suffered joint-pain all over the body, the knee pain is killing me especially when i walk for too long. After taking Nutrajoint, the pain all over my body greatly reduced and i'm able to walk longer now. Nutrajoint is my optimum choice! "
    Faridah Bte Shukkoor/ 52 years old
  • "My husband is always complaining of knee pains since he is active doing sports but after taking Nutrajoint less than 3 weeks after that he has no more severe knee pains and he also recommend it to his friends! "
    Mdm Sabariah Yusof/ years old
  • "I always feel pain on my knee especially when I'm climbing the stairs or when I'm bending my knees. After taking Nutrajoint, I feel much more better and not much pain on my knees! "

    Mdm Veloo Rajamai/ 59 years old
  • "I have been consuming Nutrajoint for about 6 months. I am very confident that with Nutrajoint, I can play another good 5 years of soccer. I am very happy with the improvement in my joints. Thanks NJ! "
    K. Kanan/ 47 years old
  • "After consuming Nutrajoint for 2 months, Nutrajoint has given me a peace of mind. I can do my other favorite sports, running and cycling as well. Nutrajoint is really taking care of my knees. No regrets consuming Nutrajoint at all! "
    Abdul Latiff/ 49 years old
  • "My husband used to feel pain in his knee joints and his back, he is very physically active at work. Now the pain is much less and he is much happier at work now! "

    V.Sundramoorthy/ 30 years old
  • "My joints had been hurting a lot before I started using Nutrajoint. I had difficulty walking, it always felt painful. My body would ache and I had trouble sleeping because of it. I have been using Nutrajoint for 10 months now, and every morning I jog for an hour. My body is aching so much less and I sleep really well now, thanks to Nutrajoint! "
    Letchumi/ years old
  • "I always felt exhausted when returning home from work. After taking ActiveMen, i feel more energetic and full of stamina! "
    Vijayan/ 60 years old
  • "I always feel lazy to work and have no much energy to do heavy duties. After taking ActiveMen, i gained back my energy, and heavy duties is no longer a problem for me! "
    Salim/ 53 years old
  • "Active Men is an energy & performance booster on the field and off field . Perks Me up when I dont have enough zzz! "
    Peter Sukumaran, Sembawang Sports Club Division 1 Player/ 37 years old
  • "Very good product ,I feel very energetic after taking it , improved my performance as well . Will definitely recommend to my friends! "
    Mazlan/ 41 years old
  • "Activemen is a very good product for my performance.  I am really satisfied and happy with the product! "
    Borhan/ 31 years old
  • "I always feel bloated after meal. After consumed Habbatus for a couple months, stomach bloated was healed and I feel fresh after waking up in the morning! "
    Najwa/ 31 years old
  • "Amazing! It tooks me 3 months to solved my problem such as insomnia, waist ache, and energyless with Habbatus! "
    Rabiah/ 59 years old
  • "Habbatus Nigella Sativa is very effective. My diabetes is under control and blood circulation prominently improved after taking Habbatus for couple months! "
    Siti Zariah/ 51 years old
  • "My Husband feel tired all the time and suffered from body ache. He couldn't walk long distance and fall sick easily due to his weak immune system. He has been on Habbatus Nigella Sativa for only 6 months and now he is able to walk long distance and no more body ache. He is satisfied with the product! "
    Sapiah Bte Omar/ 53 years old
  • "I experience poor memory and joints pain all the time. After 2 months with Omega-3, i feel much better with my ache joint and my memory become better! "
    Amat/ 71 years old
  • "I used to have high blood pressure and irregular heart beat and get tired easily after doing house chores. After 3 months with Omega-3, my high blood pressure and irregular heart beat getting better. I'm now able to do more house chores! "
    Devi/ 62 years old
  • "Omega-3 is amazing. My husband feel more comfortable from body ache and more energetic after taking Omega-3! "
    Jumiah/ 56 years old
  • "I suffered from arthritis for 27 years, i feel joint pain and discomfort while praying in mosque. Also, i easily get tired after doing house chores. With the Omega 3, my joint pain and discomfort decreased significantly and i doesn't get tired easily as before. Now, i can do more house chores. "
    Nor Siyah/ 52 years old
  • "I used to have high blood pressure and irregular heart beat. Omega is a good product. Now my heart beat is ok and blood pressure turn normal from 180 to 132! "
    Haji Salleh/ 75 years old
  • "I always feel tired, suffered body ache and pain in my legs. I had high cholesterol, high blood pressure and appetiteless oftenly. After taking OMEGA-3 for 4 months, my cholesterol and blood pressure back to normal after medical check-up. I feel better and able to eat well now! "
    Ros Bte Hamid/ 62 years old
  • "It's unbelieving but resulted. All the wrinkles from my face gone within 1 month! "
    Sanita/ 47 years old
  • "I was very paranoid about my fine lines around my eyes and my eye circles . Rejuve made me look younger. "
    Josephine/ 38 years old
  • " Great result , skin is firmer and more radiant! I love it , it does not smell and it is easily absorbed! " 
    Peggy Chng/ 28 years old
  • "The Herbal Pharm consultant was very polite and very patient when attending to my needs. They always call and ask for my feedback. The delivery is also very punctual, I am really happy with your service."

    Saripah/ 49 years old
  • "My sugar level was high due to my high blood pressure. I'm overweight with almost 70kg, also i feel giddy in the morning. However, after taking Dia-med for several months, my weights go down to 62kg, high blood pressure and sugar level also under control especially my giddiness were gone! "

    Banu/ 29 years old
  • "I'm having high sugar level and slightly overweight. I feel tired even climbing up the stairs. After taking Dia-med, my sugar level is under control especially i lost 5kg to my optimum weight. Dia-med make my life healthier. I am really satisfied with Dia-med! "

    Rosnah/ 44 years old
  • "I'm overweight at 85kg with sugar level of 12. My asthma also required me to see doctor once a month. After taking Dia-med for 11 months, my weight reduced to 79kg while sugar level to 7 respectively. My asthma was healed and now i visit doctors twice a year only!"

    Jamaliah/ 53 years old
  • "High sugar level and knee pain is killing me. My digestion system is also getting weaker. After 3 months continously consumed of Dia-med, my knee pain was reduced. Dia-med also aids to improved my digestion system and reduced my sugar level! "

    Aminah/ 68 years old
  • "Dia-Med has reduced my sugar significantly , I am really satisfied with Dia-Med. Also my body feels very light."

    Samantha, RIvervale Crescent/ 42 years old
  • "I have high sugar and slightly overweight.I took product for about 1 month. I am quite surprised and very happy with my weight drop and also my sugar is lower now. I will definitely recommend to my relative and friends. "

    Hajarah, Tanglin Halt Rd/ 39 years old
  • "I got this Dia-Med for my 36 years old husband to prevent from diabetes and also suffering from stomach bloatedness. After a month, I could see that he has reduced in weight and also he said that he feels lighter and no more of that bloated feeling." 

    Mdm Mathi/ years old
  • "My Sugar level lowered down and i feel lighter an active all day long after taking this Dia-Med"! 

    Mdm Indus/ 56 years old
  • "My sugar reading dropped from 9.7 to 5.7 after taking my 2nd Dia-Med bottle and now I have no more of that giddy feeling if I reduce my daily food intake. Thank you Dia-med! "

    Maglin/ 33 years old
  • "Very good product. My father  had high sugar . His health has improved . He also looks very healthy now! "

    Lina, Pasir Ris./ 30 years old
  • "I used to suffer from long term knee pains and feels tired easily. Dia-Med has helped me reduce the knee pain and also make me feel active and body feels lighter! "

    Muthaiya Vijaiya/ 44 years old
  • "Excellent product and no side effects. My sugar level dropped within a few weeks. cleanses the bowel well .Very happy with Herbal Pharm products! "

    Osman, Telok Blangah Crescent./ 43 years old
  • "I used to eat and drink alot and digestion was not so good. Now after taking for 1 month ,eating and drinking is controlled. Digestion has improved alot . Overall feeling very good! "

    Rahmah Bte Ali/ 50 years old
  • "Kesihatan menjadi keutamaan & kini saya lebih yakin lagi dengan adanya Dia-Med. Dia-Med pilihan yang tepat."

    DJ Mariam Mas'Od /Warna 94.2FM/ years old
  • "I used to have high blood pressure and high cholesterol, i got tired easily after walking for a short distance. With Dia-med, my blood pressure and cholesterol are under control especially i could walk for longer distance!"

    Sarimah Nordin/ 51 years old
  • "Few years ago, i've been diagnosed with diabetes & cholesterol. In 2010, i started to order when i heard about Dia-med in radio. Miraculous, my glocose level go down from 12 to 8 and has maintained between 6-7 with continuously use. Since the first day of using Dia-med, I've been discontinue of doctor's medication as well. I really satisfied with Dia-med.

    Shahul Hammed/ 48 years old
  • "I' ve solved m y high sugar level with Dia-med. Dia-med, my only choice!"

    Saleha/ 50 years old
  • "Dia-med contain nopal cactus and it heal my high sugar and cholesterol level within a short period, Amazing"!
    Akshaiya/ 30 years old
  • "Dia-med is my only choice. My appetite and cholesterol level are very stable after using Dia-med"!
    Zainab/ 63 years old