Customer Testimonials

Dietary & Weight Mgmt

  • My overweight issue have been my biggest concern for years. Besides this, I have poor digestive and always feels bloated after meals. Dia-Slim really work and effectively help me to slim down. Within 2 months, I lose 3 kg naturally without extreme work out or changes in my daily meals. In fact I feel lighter and healthier now.  I have no more gassy and bloated stomach after meals. Thank you Dia-Slim.

    Taib/ 58 years old
  • I am a big eater, I have difficulties to control my eating portion and I felt regret after that because it already affected my health. Dia-Slim naturally helps me to drop weight naturally. My non-stop craving for food is under control now. I feel healthier now. Thank you Dia-Slim.

    Maria/ 50 years old
  • I am obese and easily feel tired due to low in stamina. I feel that I am weak in term of health. After try out Dia-Slim for 3 months, I lose some weight. I feel lighter now without any crash dieting or extreme work out. I am more active than before. I will continue to take Dia-Slim to achieve my healthy weight range. 

    Hajah Ani/ 67 years old
  • I easily feel tired and with dull complexion. Soy-Lite Trim is now my new favourite in helping me keep fit and healthy. I have brighter skin tone and fitter, leaner body shape now! All within 3 months and without starving myself!

    Che Chik/ 57 years old
  • I dropped 5kg within 2 months without any diet or lifestyle change! Thanks to Dia-Slim. My weight dropped from 83 kg to 78 kg after I consume 2 bottles of Dia-Slim. Most importantly, I feel healthier and more energised!

    Salha/ 54 years old
  • My heavy appetite is my biggest barrier in my weight loss journey. I can’t control my eating portion, Despite that, I feel weak and lazy due to my heavy and overweight body. It wasn’t healthy. Then I decided to try Dia-Slim. It was my 4th month taking Dia-Slim now and I have more control my diet now. I have less craving for food and snacks. Most importantly I feel more energetic now. I am confidence that Dia-Slim can help me achieve my ideal weight in the healthier way.

    Nurazreen/ 32 years old
  • I was overweight at 70kg and find it very difficult to apply healthier diet because I have very heavy appetite and strong craving for sugary junk food. I was losing self-confidence and feeling sad. I also worried that my overweight body will affect my health condition sooner or later. I tried Dia-Slim 2 months ago and now my appetite reduced and feels lighter now! I will continue to take Dia-Slim! 

    Maznah/ 49 years old
  • I heard some very good reviews from friend regarding DIa-Slim and decided to buy a bottle of Dia-Slim for my 33 years old overweighed daughter. She told me she have better digestion now, and feel lighter already after 1 month taking it. We are thinking to by a second bottle now!

    Rose Jelly/ 58 years old
  • I was overweight at 85kg and have breathing problem. My family were worried about my health too, and today it is been third month since I taking Dia-Slim I weight reduced to 78kg! A total weight loss of 7kg!! Other than this, I feel more energetic and healthier! Definitely a good buy!

    Rafeah/ 58 years old
  • I have a son who is 25 years old and he is overweight, He hardly does any exercise but always overeating. I know that he must drop some weight or his health will be affected sooner or later. After two month taking Dia-Slim, I realised his appetite reduced, less craving for junk food and did lose some weight. Hope the good result will maintain and will consider buying another bottle soon!

    Norlilah/ 49 years old
  • I have a very bad eating habit. I need to eat lots of stuff to keep my tummy satisfied but I find it very difficult to control my food portion as my craving for foods never stop.  I was overweight and I know this is very bad for my health. After just 2 months taking Dia-Slim, I can feel the difference already. Not only has my body weight dropped, my appetite reduced. My craving for junk food and snack between meals lesser, too.

    Mahani/ 33 years old
  • I am overweight and this affects my health. I think these are why I have low stamina level and get tired easily. I wanted to slim down for my health and beauty then I decided to take Dia-Slim due to the good reviews and all natural ingredients. It’s been two months already I take Dia-Slim and I feel fresh and energetic. My big appetite and non-stop craving for food were all in controlled now! Totally love this product!

    Zarifah/ 28 years old
  • “My body weight issue have been following me for years, I am looking for one product that can help me to lose weight in healthy way. Then I found Dia-Slim! I felt lighter now as I drop some pound and my digestion problem was solved! I am very happy with the result. ”

    Tivi/ 34 years old
  • “I feel hungry easily, have issue in my portion control and always end up over-eating especially facing all the delicious foods. I know it is a very bad practice as overweight is affecting my health. After one month I take Dia-Slim, I already lose 2 kg! My appetite decrease and am not craving for junk food or snack in between meals anymore.”

    Rafiah/ 58 years old
  • “I bought Dia-Slim for my daughter who is overweight at age 30. I wish that she can achieve healthier body but she had really heavy appetite and diet control never works for her. I understand that Dia-Slim made with all natural ingredients and I decided to ask my daughter to try it. Within two months, I noticed she did lose some weight and she claimed that she wouldn’t feel hungry easily now! Amazing product! ”

    Imah/ 60 years old
  • “I am overweight at 80kg, and I know I must do something to lose some weight because it starts affecting my health condition. I am lack of stamina and have high blood pressure and high cholesterol too. I decided to try Soy-Lite Trim. I understand that it is made by natural ingredients, and it is exactly what I want for natural slimming. I had Soy-Lite Trim as breakfast for three weeks and I already dropped 2 kg without any crash dieting. Other than this, I found myself have more energy level, reduced blood pressure and cholesterol level. I will definitely continue to take Soy-Lite Trim.” 
    Rajan/ 40 years old