Customer Testimonials

Kid's Supplement

  • My son was underweight and very little appetite. I was worried that his health will be affected. Other than this, he tends to be slower and weak memory when it comes to learning in school. It is all different stories now since he taking High Q+ two months ago. He eats more now and better memory now. He loved the taste and I am satisfied with this supplement how it improved my son health and learning in school.

    Diana/ 33 years old
  • I bought High Q+ for my grandchildren who get sick easily because of weak immune system and often showed tiredness after school. First of all they seem to love the taste of this multivitamins. They have better health now and more active to join more different activities.

    Misdiah/ 71 years old
  • I brought High Q+ for my kids who always complaint about tiredness. I hope that some nutrition supplement can improve their health. I can actually tell the difference for letting my kids to take the supplement. I am surprised in fact that they can wake up full of energy in the morning without complaints of tiredness! It’s my 4th years purchase High Q+ now. No doubt this is good product from Herbal Pharm.

    Maria Bte Ali/ 54 years old
  • My kids have been taking High Q+ for more than 5 years. They used to get sick easily due to low immune system. They also have difficulties to wake up in the morning, saying that they are still very tired although they already have enough sleep. They seldom get sick now, have better immune system and waking up fresh in the morning!

    Ummi Kalsom Humkey/ 30 years old
  • I child often looks lazy and tired. I can’t focus in studies often extract by something else. High Q+ provides benefit for the body growth and also brain development. My child gets more active, energised and able to more focus in studies. I am happy to see my child to be more cheerful and healthier!

    Harmoni/ 40 years old
  • My grandson was 5 years old and he always looks lethargic after lesson. And I though a 5 years old child should have better energy level than this. So I bought him High Q+. He totally love the fruity taste of it and now he feel more excited to attend classes. I was so relief when I saw improvement in his studies!

    Masbah/ 60 years old
  • My two children both age 10 and 12 years old. I am concern about their performance in school but they always looks lethargic when they came back from school. I am so worried that whether they have enough energy to pay attention in class. Then I bought them High Q+. First of all they love the fruity taste of the capsules. They feel more energetic now and showed improvements in studies and I am so happy I’ve made the right choice. 

    Zahida/ 33 years old
  • I bought High Q+ for my grandchild. He looks very lethargic in studies, outdoor activities and love to stay in front of PC or television. After 3 months taking this tasty supplement, he is more energetic now. We all witnessed his improvement in academic too. A good product worth introduce to more people!

    Rilah/ 65 years old
  • I bought High Q+ for my 8 years old son one month ago. He always looks very lethargic to wake up in the morning although he already has enough rest and sleep. He loved the taste of High Q+ and he looks more energetic and improvement in studies! I am happy that I had made the right choice for my child.

    Rahmah/ 44 years old
  • Every parent wants the best in everything for their kids. This product does work. My kids have been taking High Q+ for more than two years and I can really tell the difference. They learn faster now and they become more confidence in all different areas in life. I am really happy with what High Q+ did on my kids!

    Hanafi/ 52 years old
  • My child was a slow leaner and this makes him have low self confidence in performing activities in school or in daily life. I bought him High Q+ hoping this product will improve his health. He learns faster now, have more confidence and shows more interest in learning new stuffs! It was almost 2 and a half years we took this supplement and High Q+ is my first and only choice for me and my child!
    Hanafi/ 52 years old
  • "My daughter response is very slow, she is not active and slacky all the time. After taking HQ+, She is now more active, alert and energetic!"

    Nafiah/ 53 years old
  • "My children can't focus in the classroom and always have problem in waking up in the morning. After using HQ+, my children concentration level enhanced and able to wake up in the morning! "
    Zaiton/ 48 years old
  • "My son's teacher always complain that he is always careless and lazy in class and he has difficulty waking up early in the morning. After consuming High Q+, the feedback from my son's teacher have been very positive saying that he is more attentive in class and no more carelessness. Now he is able to wake up early in the morning! "

    Sarifah/ years old
  • "My 2 daughters have been consuming High Q+ for almost 2 years. I am very satisfied as a parent. They have better concentration in class and they don't tire easily. With that their results have improved too ! "

    Mdm Wati, Ang Mo Kio/ 36 years old
  • "I take this oppurtunity to thank you, for your support, care and concern. Taking this High Q+ my son has shown a great difference. He falls less sick in a year. Last year he did his P3 exams. Everytime he comes 16th or 17th position, but last year he got into the 5th position and received a Good Progress Award. This year he has been selected as the class monitor. I would like to share his happiness with you so I'm writting in to you. Even though he has sinusitis problem, High Q+ has kept him going all the way"!

    Thayunnisa, Bedok Reservoir/ years old
  • "I heard of this new product , powder sticks on the radio. I ordered and my daughter like the powder form and its grape flavor. Very convenient for working mothers, no need to prepare anything, she just have to tear and consume. Also she has shown alot of improvement . Very energetic and able to wake up easily in the morning. I am very happy with this product as she used to suffer with blocked nose every morning, and now her sinus is gone too! "

    Barkath Nisha/ 43 years old