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Carnitine Plus Series 90g | JB | 60 servings **NEW**

Flavors :

Strawberry Lemonade ** out of stock**

PROMOTE WEIGHT MANAGEMENT & AEROBIC PERFORMANCE   To generate metabolic energy, the body must break down fats to be transported to the mitochondria (the power plant within our cells), L-carnitine is the compound synthesized from amino acids responsible for this. Researchers have thought for some time that improving L-carnitine levels could support fat utilization and exercise performance.  The issue with L-carnitine supplementation lies in absorption or the lack thereof. Simply consuming L-carnitine may not be enough to support increases in L-carnitine levels, there are different forms of L-carnitine available that are attached to different compounds that increase L-carnitine bioavailability and promote varying effects.  The L-carnitine blend used in Carnitine Plus includes superior forms of L-carnitine that have been shown to promote brain function, recovery from exercise, an increase in muscle carnitine levels and a healthy cardiovascular system.

Take 1 scoop , 2 times daily . (Do not exceed recommended dosage)