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Tips To Change The Time You Spend With Your Kids Into A Brain Boosting Experience.

Keep your Kids in Shape
Do you know scientists believe that physical activity improves cognitive functioning? Study reveals that children who are physically fit perform better in reading and mathematics than children who aren't. You can start off by taking your child for cycling at one of your favourite trails (if you don't have any, you can find one at '').

Music Motivation
Researchers say that music training also enhances a child's development in non musical areas - linguistic, literacy, verbal memory, physical movement, mathematics and IQ. Musical training has an effect on how the brain gets wired for general cognitive functioning related to memory and attention.

Setting An Example
You are being watched! By your kids of course. Children learn by modelling the behaviour of adults. If they see you glued to the TV, they are not going to listen when you ask them to hit the books. Practise what you preach. Engage in reading books, writing, music making or doing creative things. They'll start to imitate and in the process they'll make themselves smarter, you will be too.

Feeding Properly
Do not just load your child with fast food simply because its less work for you. Just like rest and sleep, food helps to replenish what is used up during your child's active hours, so it’s vital that he/she gets a balanced mix of nutrients. A hungry child may be distracted by hunger or lacks important minerals to help his/her brain function at its effective levels. This affects their ability to concentrate and focus. Food or supplements rich in DHA and Omega-3 fatty acid are usually recommended for brain development.

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