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Launch of High Q+ Grapefruit

High Q+ Grapefruit - 90 Tablets

Empowering Little Champions

Your child is a natural champion – there is nothing he can’t accomplish. High Q+ helps you break down any limitations to your child’s dreams.

Just as you have held your little one’s hand though key learning milestones, our new and improved High Q+ provides the essential nutrition to support his every step.  Recommended formulation by the Korean Food and Drug Administration (KFDA), this high-quality supplement has earned the trust of countless parents since 2005.

Beyond the best scientific formulation and the most irresistible grapefruit flavor, each High Q+ tablet is also packed with love. Like you, we truly believe in your little one, and want to empower him to reach for the stars.


Your child has an insatiable thirst for knowledge because at his age, his brain is developing at an accelerated speed. High Q+ contains high-quality DHA to supports rapid brain and eye development. It gives your little trooper the competitive edge he needs, and nurtures him to be a future leader.


As parents, we understand how challenging it is to bring up a child well in our hectic modern world. High Q+ eases your worries by providing him with essential multivitamins for healthy growth, and immunity against viruses and illnesses.


We know that each time your child aces an examination, you glow with pride. However beyond celebrating immediate victories, High Q+ also supports him through important learning milestones. It equips him with everything he needs to face life-long challenges and beat the odds in our competitive world.


Our new box designs reflect our commitment to creating fun and magical moments in your little one’s life. Each design is inspired by cherished childhood games. Our latest High Q+ (Grapefruit) features an exciting game of soccer. And over the new few months, we’ll be unveiling other old school kampong games such as marbles and the hula-hoop to bring back fond memories of your own childhood, and inspired you to create new ones.


Each tablet is also bursting with addictive grapefruit flavour. You and your little champion will look forward to these daily treats, and enjoy key bonding moments.

* High Q+ is Halal certified.

* High Q+ trademark is registered under Herbal Pharm Pte Ltd.

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