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Project Seed 17 March & 19 March 2010

Article contributed By:
Nur 'Aisyatus Sholhah
School of Information Systems
Singapore Management University

 Project S.E.E.D
 is part of a Leadership and Teambuilding module in Singapore Management University (SMU). Our group embarked on a Community Service Project (CSP) entitled Project S.E.E.D. Project S.E.E.D is an acronym for Starting Each & Everyday Determined.

Project S.E.E.D aims to encourage young children to develop healthy lifestyle habits. Project S.E.E.Dfocuses on four important healthy lifestyle aspects which are: eyes, healthy food intake, teeth and exercise. This is executed by two means; a trip to Health Zone and by having the children participate in activities and interactive learning sessions within the school compound that is designed by our team members.

Project S.E.E.D believes that through these activities, the children will be equipped with useful skills and knowledge to form lasting healthy lifestyle habits that will have a significant impact on the children’s lives.

Project S.E.E.D have identified En Community Services Centre as our beneficiary. En Community is a non-profit organization (Voluntary Welfare Organization). The thirty-two children from En Community that participated in the event age ranges between seven-twelve years old. 
17 March 2010 and 19 March 2010.

Though the time spend with the children was short, our team gained lots of experiences planning the event as well as working with external beneficiaries and sponsors. The journey we experienced was memorable. Our event would not have been a success without the participation of our beneficiary; En Community Services Centre as well as our sponsors: Herbal Pharm and NeWater.

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