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High Q+ Mix & Match: Mix our flavours, Match your taste!

After our Triple Choice turned out to be a stunning success, we decided that we can't just stop there. We at Herbal Pharm want to give our customers complete freedom in their choices, so we came up with a new product.

High Q+ Mix & Match

With Mix & Match you can now pick if you want our great value pack of 120 tablets with all five of our delicious flavours to have 24 tablets of each, pick your favourite four flavours to get 30 tablets each, decide to stick with our Triple Choice for the familiar 40 tablets of each flavour, take your two absolute favourites to get 60 tablets each, or even get just one flavour and get 120 tablets for the best deal you can get with High Q+.

DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid)
At birth, our brain is only at 70% of it's final weight. 15% is developed during infancy and the remaining 15% grows during preschool years. As DHA is an important factor in this development and cannot be produced by the body itself it is important to keep getting enough of it in your child's system.

Due to the change to intensive farming of eggs, and cattle being fed grain instead of grass, the concentration of natural DHA in a normal diet has been steadily decreasing. Without DHA the child's brain does not get an optimal chance to develop itself. High Q+ offers you a great solution, where your child will get all the nutrients it needs for a healthy growth.

LAB (Lactic Acid Bacteria)
By having your child consume added LAB in addition to their normal diet, you are helping them build a healthy digestive system. When consumed daily, you can make sure that there is a constant high level of good bacteria in your child's digestive system. This also helps prevent pathogens to invade the body. Pathogens are germs which cause diseases and illnesses such as influenza. By giving your child High Q+ you are helping to keep it safe and healthy.

On top of DHA and LAB, High Q+ also contains a special selection of multivitamins carefully designed to give your child the most important vitamins and minerals that are often missed in a normal diet. This leads to a general improvement of their immunity and overall health. Having a healthy balance of these vitamins and minerals is also essential for both mental and physical growth and development.

It gets even better! If you decide to take up our package deal you get 50 dollars off when you purchase 6 boxes of our new Mix & Match!

With High Q+...
You've got choices!

To order call our hotline at 6749 0004.

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