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Healthy Surprise for Children's Homes

Last week, for the second year in a row, the health supplement distributor Herbal Pharm has made a generous donation to five local children's homes, by giving them a total of more than 1500 boxes of their High Q+ chewable health supplement for children. While most homes have enough to worry about, a healthy childhood and good education for their children is just as important to them as to anyone else. Herbal Pharm stepped in and reached out a hand of support to those who need it most in our society, our children.

With one box being enough for one month worth of supplements, hundreds of children in need can now enjoy the benefits of DHA for healthy brain and eye development, LAB for a strong digestive system and multivitamins for an increased immunity in their diet for several months. Something that may seem so fundamental to others is in fact a rarity for these children.

"Since July last year we have been doing this, in accordance with the fasting month", says Ms Rathna, General Manager of Herbal Pharm. "It is important for companies to take their social responsibilities serious. If we don't look out for each other than who will? It is great to be in a position to give something to the less fortunate children in Singapore". Some of the homes have showed their gratitude in writing, she mentions.

With important nutrients such as DHA and vitamins continuously found less in our normal diets due to intensive farming, it is becoming increasingly important to take health supplements in addition to a healthy diet. Especially for growing children these health foods can make a difference. These less fortunate children deserve just as much of a chance as any other child in Singapore to have the very best care, to give them the opportunity to make it far in life.

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