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N2 Chlorella®

Introducing...Nature's Wonder Food!

Nature's wonder food is finally here! Herbal Pharm proudly launched its latest product...
N2 Nature's Nourishment Chlorella® on 18th May 2009.

In keeping up with its tradition of delivering the best products for your continued good health, Herbal Pharm introduced its latest product, N2 (Nature's Nourishment) Chlorella®. N2 Chlorella®is made from the finest green algae. Chlorella is found to be beneficial to the body as it contains a high concentration of chlorophyll, a substance that aids in the detoxification of body systems.Chlorella is classified as a food product derived from plant, and it is vegetarian.

Choose N2 (Nature's Nourishment) Chlorella® as a supplement to help your body detoxify daily, increase your immunity and help you live longer.

N2 (Nature's Nourishment) Chlorella®, your way to good health.

For more information, call our hotline at (65) 6749 0004.

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