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Singapore's Leading Indian Entrepreneur of the Year 2008

The month of October has been an important one for Herbal Pharm and its management. From celebrating Hari Raya with its customers and staff alike, the Managing Director of Herbal Pharm had another reason to celebrate.

Mr Vejaiyan G was nominated to become the 2008 Singapore Young Indian Entrepreneur of the Year. In the course of the month Mr Vejaiyan was named as Singapore's Leading Indian Entrepreneur of the Year 2008.

To be recognised as a leading entrepreneur in a vibrant market place like Singapore is an achievement of which Mr Vejaiyan and Herbal Pharm are very proud of.

At a gala dinner event at the Ritz Carlton, Mr Vejaiyan was able to bench mark not only himself but more importantly the progress of Herbal Pharm against other entrepreneurs and their organisations.

Together with his loyal customers and industrious Herbal Pharm team he is sure that more success, in the form of better products, even better service and productivity is in store for all concerned.

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